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Welcome to CREATIVE LIFE COACHING with Shawn Christian! CREATING THE LIFE YOUR HEART DESIRES is a challenge we all face in our daily lives, and yet we create the world we are living in moment to moment. I believe YOU have a unique CREATIVE GIFT to share with the world, but how and what you want to create is rooted in living YOUR TRUE PASSION & PURPOSE with intention.

In our initial consultation we will explore the areas of your life where you want to create personal change. If you have any questions for me please ask. It is important that we create a solid foundation from which to thrive. I’m excited to learn more about you, your hopes, goals, dreams and obstacles. Getting a clearer sense of who you are, where you are, and where you want to be will help me, as your Creative Life Coach, guide you in utilizing your CREATIVE POWER to achieve your goals.

Looking forward to discovering the CREATIVE GENIUS that lies within you. With this consultation you will have already taken steps toward igniting your power to create the life your heart desires!


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