Adventurer | Package of 8 (30 minute sessions)




8 (30 minute sessions)


With multiple CREATIVE LIFE COACHING sessions, you will broaden the framework to discovering your PASSION & PURPOSE in order to create meaningful change. We will venture into a more in-depth strategy to defining and developing your daily creative routine that aligns with your personal VALUES & GOALS.

I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to guide you on your creative adventure. Creating the experiences that you desire is a process. Using YOUR creativity, YOU create the life YOU envision. Our goal is to EMPOWER YOU TO CREATE A LIFE that fulfills YOU, and brings YOU meaning & happiness.

Are you ready to unleash your unique creative power that ONLY YOU can bring into the world? The world is waiting for you to share the full expression of your CREATIVE POWER! The journey of CREATING A LIFE of  your true passion and authentic purpose has begun!!


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