Coaching for Actors


Insight, Advice and Guidance for Actors. The creative process of acting begins well before we walk into the room. Develop the self assurance and confidence to be your authentic self under all of the unpredictable circumstances of the creative process. Learn how to establish a creative process before you get to casting, during casting, producer sessions, network sessions, screen tests and while on set.


One Hour Sessions

Life as an actor & artist takes a deep understanding of your true self to navigate the entertainment landscape. Whether you are curious about how to live successfully as an actor/actress, or you want you want to work on scenes, I am always excited to help, guide and coach artists on navigating the challenging environment of living as an artist.

These sessions are open for a broad range of topics on what it takes to be a positive optimistic actor in this ever-changing business of film, TV and media. I would be thrilled to focus on anything that you feel fits your current level of experience in living as a successful actor.


Looking forward to guiding you on your creative journey!


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