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My passion & Purpose

The heart of my time and energy aims for a joyful adventure of enriching, elevating, and Inspiring the best in the human spirit. As an athlete, actor and adventurer these motivating pillars have been a part of my life since childhood. 

Challenging myself and others to be our personal best – better than we were yesterday is at the root of my being. I work daily at continuing to have a positive impact on humanity. Motivating and inspiring people to discover and live with their unique gifts and talents creates a more positive, passionate and purposeful world for all.

Alive with Purpose

What is YOUR passion? Are you living YOUR  with purpose? Are YOU expanding your full potential?

“ADVENTURE GUIDE to LIVING YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST.” On or off screen my passion is dedicated on helping people discover & live their authentic PASSION, true PURPOSE and full POTENTIAL.

Exploring the world around us enlightens the world within us”

shawn christian

What does living life to the fullest FEEL LIKE for you? For YOU. Let your intuitive thoughts guide you. Don’t include the opinions and perceptions of others. This is YOUR MOMENT to listen to your heart.

Remember: You can’t to where you want to be until you know where you are. Plan, prepare, prioritize and perform.


August 2020

Life Coaching
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