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A Multifaceted Life Coach Empowering Individuals

Aloha! Shawn Christian here -- Actor, Adventurer, Athlete, Life Coach & Storyteller. As a creative and adventurous soul I have decided to share the insights, lessons learned, strategies unleashing the CREATIVE SPIRIT that lives in all of us.

Mission Statement

Discover your true passion. Live with your authentic purpose. Explore and experience your full potential.

My Passion and Purpose

I spend my time and energy going on various joyful adventures that enrich, elevate, and inspire the human spirit. These motivating pillars have been a part of me since childhood.

Embrace a Better You

Achieve your personal best at anything in life. It’s rooted in my being to challenge myself and others to become greater than we were yesterday. I will help you discover your unique gifts and talents. Together, we can create a more positive, passionate, and purposeful world for everyone.

Choose What's Best for You

Let me ask you the following questions:

  • What is your passion?
  • Are you living your life with purpose?
  • Are you expanding your full potential?

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your answers. I can provide you an adventure guide to living your life to the fullest. Whether I’m on or off the screen, I strive to help you discover and live your authentic passion, true purpose, and full potential.

Words I Live By

Throughout my career, I have always believed that “Exploring the world around us enlightens the world within us.”

Connect With Me

I want to be your guide in working towards your personal goals. For coaching consultations, personal bookings, or collaborations, please send me a message.