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Shawn Christian

“Wether acting, adventuring or simply creating, I seem to be on a quest to go off the beaten path in search of discovering the best in the human spirit.”

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Arrow Heart Adventure Camps

Our camp is based on an adventure for teens from 12-15 years of age that have reached a crossroads in their lives.
“We wanted to create an environment that made these teens feel at home, feel free from judgement and succeed in ways they could never imagine,” says CEO Arianne Zucker.

Shawn Christian, Arrow Heart Adventure Camps, Idaho, Shawn Christian Ambassador

Empowering Youth through Adventure

As a a young man I had received the Congressional Medal of Merit for outstanding community and scholastic excellence. Little did I know that this would be just the beginning of my commitment to enriching and inspiring others. Contributing to my community was a natural extension of  being a leader as camp counsellor, captain of state-ranked basketball and football teams.  My passion for the outdoors was developed early as a child while camping with my family and friends.

I believe outdoor adventure holds the power transform lives, and  that is our mission with Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps. Immersing our youth in the experience of adventure provides wonderful opportunities for them to develop the noble virtues of character, compassion, confidence, commitment, credibility and service to others.