Adventure is always on the horizon for

Shawn Christian

Between his acting commitments Shawn Christian isn’t your typical LA Actor, he’s venturing off the beaten path, through the forest and into a free living lifestyle.

Shawn Christian is a proud ambassador to travel, adventure and human spirit.

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Adventure, Culture and Luxurious Destinations with Shawn Christian.


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Bad Stuff Tequila


Lucky-go Shawn Christian wouldn’t want to miss out on something special or a good time, and so he spreads the word of a world class sipping tequila. The Bad Stuff Tequila is making a name for itself and Shawn is sharing the the joy.

The Beginning

Entrepreneurial legend George Molsbarger noticed Felipe Soto Mares, a world renowned Maestro Catador, pouring shots for his buddies from an IV bottle. His curiosity piqued, George learned that they were drinking Felipe’s personal tequila blend. When George mentioned his ambivalence towards tequila, Felipe poured him a shot and handed it to him. George responded, telling Felipe:

“That is the baddest stuff I have ever tasted.”

And a friendship was born.

Arrow Heart Adventure Camps

Our camp is based on an adventure for teens from 12-15 years of age that have reached a crossroads in their lives.
“We wanted to create an environment that made these teens feel at home, feel free from judgement and succeed in ways they could never imagine,” says CEO Arianne Zucker.

Shawn Christian, Arrow Heart Adventure Camps, Idaho, Shawn Christian Ambassador

Inspiring kids for Better Living

As a young man, Shawn received the Congressional Medal of Merit for outstanding community and scholastic excellence. He was a junior camp counsellor, captain of state-ranked basketball and football teams, and has enjoyed a deep passion for camping since he was a child.

Shawn hopes all kids get the chance to experience comradery at camps the way he did and promotes Arrow Heart with passion.  He believes Adventure Camps are a great way to build character and confidence for better living.