About Me

Follow Your Heart

My creative life as an Independent Artist is an ever-evolving unpredictable journey of exhilarating highs & soul searching lows. However, whenever I encountered the inevitable crossroads in my life, I tap into my trusted CREATIVE INTUITION, and I am sure to be living MY PASSION & PURPOSE.

With a creative imagination, energetic spirit and two loving parents, I believed since childhood, that I had the ability to create any experience I could dream of as long as I set my mind to it. I was taught "Mindset" before it was a buzzword.

Leaving my working-class roots of Michigan to pursue my acting dreams in Chicago was a difficult life changing decision. After many failed screen tests, acting eventually took me to New York City, then onto Los Angeles including an enlightening adventure living in Hawaii.

I split my time living in Lake Tahoe & Los Angeles where I continue to act, write and produce projects, including my new series "Alive with Purpose."  EVERYDAY IS A NEW CREATIVE ADVENTURE!

A Creative Leader

Being honored with the CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF MERIT at young age was a shocking surprise, but it certainly set the tone for my future responsibilities as leader, man of service and challenging my personal excellence.

As a young boy in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I grew up with a love for athletics, performing, creating and writing. Thank you mom & dad for enduring and supporting my many "plays" on stage, football fields and basketball courts.  As captain of several teams, school President and camp counselor, I have always been thrust into leadership positions.  

My creative passions took a back seat for a more practical career when I went to college.  However, the day after I graduated from Ferris State University with a Marketing degree, I relocated to Chicago to reignite my creative passion. I jumped right in to additional learning by honing my acting skills with a variety of coaches and styles.

What a Creative Ride...

My experience as an actor has blessed me with the opportunities to be in over 50 television shows and films with some of the most talented and creative people of our time. 

My athletic and creative pursuits first collided at the age of 12 when I wrote, directed and starred in a comedy play called "Monday Night Football" for a talent show. We received 3rd place honors behind a singing bumble bee and an amazing solo singer!

After earning my way onto a division two college basketball team as a "walk-on", eventually I stood at another crossroads of athletics or acting...I chose to end my college basketball pursuit to reignite my desire to be a professional actor.

I promised my parents I would get my college degree in Marketing, but the day after I graduated my journey to create a career as an actor began!

Exploring a variety of acting techniques was a comedy of trial & errors that I wouldn't trade for the world. My real CREATIVE BREAK-THROUGH came when I joined Improv Olympic, an improvisational company that gave honest expression to my thoughts, feelings and actions that were rooted within me -- not in a script.

Just when I was about to begin studying at Chicago's famed Second City, I got my first break on TV. I was chosen to portray a working-class anti-hero named Mike Kasnoff on the New York-based CBS daytime drama, "As the World Turns," so off to the Big Apple I went!

After a three-year run, there I stood again...at the crossroads of a secure stable job on a Daytime show, or experience the nearly impossible odds of a successful career in film and TV in Los Angeles...?

I think you know me by now...off to Los Angeles I went!

With a good team of agents and an integrity-filled manger, I landed notable recurring roles on ABC's "Boston Legal" as the delinquent husband of Julie Bowen, a wily journalist on NBC's "Crossing Jordan" and a nemesis to Josh Duhamel on "Las Vegas." The most memorable were my TV roles with Jennifer Aniston on Friends, Ellen Degeneres on Ellen, as well as Ted Danson, James Woods, Sally Fields, Claire Danes, Jami Gertz, Lori Loughlin, Tyne Daley, the entire cast of "Will & Grace" under the legendary direction of James Burrows and many more. 

After a long list of dramatic roles and cancelled series, I returned to my comic roots with a role on an HBO pilot. After that failed to get picked up, a writers strike and a new baby on the way, I arrived at another crossroads...

My "family first" mentality was the deciding factor for accepting an offer to play "Dr. Daniel Jonas" on the long running Soap Opera "Days of Our Lives." What a blessed 8 year run with that character!

Back to Prime Time television and film I went...with ABC's "The Rookie" with Nathan Fillion, and CW's "Famous in Love" with Bella Thorne...all while producing shows of my own, selling a script to Hallmark and producing, hosting and writing "Alive with Purpose."

My creative leadership & service roles have also come full circle as a Creative Life Coach. Motivating, inspiring and guiding people on how to CREATE THE LIFE THEY IMAGINE. 

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